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​Our HR team deliver a high quality HR service to the organisation with a view to attract, develop and retain the best possible talent. They ensure that our unique company culture and employee experience is kept alive, while also helping our temporary colleagues joining for The Championships feel part of something bigger.

Our finance team ensure an accurate view of costs and income is recorded and communicated to the business efficiently, and ofcourse make sure that appropriate controls around payments, receipts and cash management are in place. With such a diverse range of business transactions taking place, our finance team often get involved in projects with all the different areas of business.

Our Legal team who support the business with contracts, compliance and other tennis-related legal matters. Supported by external law firms, they advise on matters such as construction, estate development, intellectual property, ticketing and debenture financing.

Our Health & Safety team closely works with all other areas of the business and is regularly involved with numerous project works taking place in our locations. They are responsible for ensuring the health and safety of all people who are present on the Grounds, whether that's throughout the year or during The Championships.